Michael Kors Beauty and Fragrances Fall 2013

Michael Kors just introduced us to his new fragrance and beauty campaign for Fall 2013. With the fragrances retailing at $75 for the small and $95 for the large, he is selling the overall idea and lifestyle of Michael Kors. The nail lacquers are AMAZING! My current personal favorite (also pictured) is the nude nail polish called "Hint". This one, along with five others, is sure to touch base with women of all different age groups, style and profession. Accompany the gold metal plated products are also huge bronzers, 6 lipsticks/lip glosses and 3 different fragrances! My favorite is Sporty Chic which also goes with the nail lacquer that I oh so love! This line is currently exclusive to Macy's so if anyone would like to see it, go check out the amazing displays they have! Enjoy guys! 


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