My Haul from MAC, H&M and Forever 21.

Today I decided to go to the mall for the Too Faced Naked or Natural eye palette and unfortunately I didn't know it was THAT much glitter in the eyeshadows since some of them, on Sephora' website, say matte! And Sephora wasn't kind to m at all either!! Lol, I was looking for NARS lipgloss and all of them weren't there! UGH!! ANYWAYS!!! Lol, I dd get things from MAC, H&M and Forever 21 *=)*.  P.S. I wouldn't usually put on display what I bought but bcause I bought it with my makeup items I decided to share...

The first real destination (as in where I actually bought something) was MAC, of course. In there I decided to buy a paint pot called Fresco Rose, two eyeshadows, coppering and brown script, and brush cleaner. Coppering is such a pretty color that there was no way I could pass it up! Brown script is like a milk chocolate color and blends well with my skin or rather gives it a richer look and i bought fresco rose to make free to be look more vibrant as well as any other pinks I have. Here they are...

My next destination was Forever 21 where I bought a red knitted cap, a double finger ring and a set of like 4 earrings. The red hat looks really nice on and it isn't too floppy so I don't have to worry about it flying off my head once the wind picks up. The double fingr ring is pretty cool! I was also trying to find a cute simpler one but they didn'thave any I wated to buy. And the earrings aren't anything too spectacular because they're just cute studs that you could pick up from anywhere.
And lastly, I went to H&M where I bought two oversized sweaters; a plain but cute grey that fits thearms and a short sleeved grey one that reads "Athletics California Est. 1972." I also got a mauve t shirt dress that rolls up to about quarter sleeve and there's a button latch type of thing to hold it in place. Oh and I got a silver bow ring that has studs on it and a set of three earrings, gold, pinkish pearls and like a turquoise "diamond" stud.


  1. hey! like your blog, was wondering if you knew if they still have that grey t-shirt in stores? xo


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