My E.L.F. Haul

       I ordered some products from E.L.F. online and received them yesterday, September 11, 2010. It took about 9 days, including weekends, to get to me with standard shipping. Because I spent over $25 ($26 to be exact lol), I got free shipping and handling, and because I referred three people I also received a free gift in my package as well. So let me get started with the products that I got.
      I purchased three blushes from them in the colors "mellow mauve," "blushing rose," and "pink passion." The colors are very pigmented and come in really nice packaging, similar to NARS' blush. I can't wait to wear these colors out because they're a LOT less chalky than my 10 palette blusher from EBay. The next things I purchased were three creme liners in purple, midnight and ivory. The consistency of the eyeliner is very satin like and it comes on pretty nicely. Another item I bought was the eye primer and I don't really care for the consistency too much and would rather continue using their concealer as a primer. The last thing I bought was the under eye concealer/highlighter duo which seems to be pretty good but with all these products I won't really have a full handle on them until I use them for a while to see how they actually compare to my other products. Oh, and the free gift they sent me was the Citrus Shimmering Facial Whip which is more like a soft candy color. It's the equivalent to a face multiple because you can use it on your face, lips and eyes.

Oh and here's a list of the prices for the items:
Face Whip: Free Gift
Eye Primer: $1
Studio Blush: $3
Eyeliner Brush: $1
Studio Creme Liner: $3
Studio Highlighter/Under eye Concealer duo: $3


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