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Monday, September 2, 2013

MAGIC Trade Show S/S2014

This was my first time attending the MAGIC trade show Las Vegas and when I say I was very taken aback, it would be an understatement. I attended as a student with the Art Institute. I didn't expect to see as many vendors there! Granted I knew SOMEWHAT of what to expect, but my expectations were surpassed, tremendously! First, you have MAGIC itself, hosted by WWD (Women's wear daily). They had kiosk, if you will, with laptops so one could "shop the floor" by going online to shopthefloor.com to see what it was they were seeing on the floor ahead of time as well as pointing vendors in the right directions as to who or what they wanted to see first. As a student, I expected to do more observing than interacting just because the vendors there are meant to sell a lot of merchandise and business is business. But some vendors surprised me with their knowledge. Like Chinese Laundry shoes! I was surprised when one of the reps chimed in on my conversation about a shoe is bought last MARCH and knew the name of style just by hearing my description to friends. The seminars were really good too. I got a chance to go to the Marketing seminar, done by a CEO of a marketing firm and a upcoming trends seminar. Both very insightful. Then I went to Project. COMPLETELY different environment! Those were the street wear and trendy vendors. My group was completely overdressed, feeling like freshman a on a first day of school because we were told to dress business casual and seen something different for that portion. Project was my favorite! The difference in vendor etiquette was obvious; MAGIC vendors were more open to speak to students/more tolerable whereas at Project we knew not to ask most vendors questions by their reactions when we approached, so we walked along, getting more and more excited per booth! Inside of Project there was ENK and Pool and initially I thought they were all the same. I even remember them as one event, but they were different and I enjoyed them as well. On the last day, we seen Tents and the menswear was CRAZY!! Everything was so impeccable from the tent itself (having been well air conditioned might I add) to the carpet and displays that adorned the floors! All in all, it was an AMAZING experience! My marketing professors plans to take us again in February, per our request lol. This time, I will blog section by section so as not to be so long. And I will be prepared! Here are a few pics. I chose not to show as much  clothing out of respect for the vendors and the hard work they put into those amazing booths. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

H&M store in Vegas Caesar's Palace Amazing!

This is by far THE best H&M I've ever seen. They have "mannequins" (they look life-like) hanging from their ceilings, posing on the balcony on the top floor and disco balls hanging from the ceilings. Not to mention the blue disco lighting that flashes every so often. The music blasts all the way out of store, enticing you even more. They have EVERYTHING your H&M doesn't! And there is ALWAYS an associate walking around doing SOMETHING! 

In love!

H&M pants with Leather knee pads
This ad in the Dior store at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas is amazing! Take a look! And the leather I seem at the forum shops were amazing! Here are a few pics 
Dior Menswear ad

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Michael Kors Beauty and Fragrances Fall 2013

Michael Kors just introduced us to his new fragrance and beauty campaign for Fall 2013. With the fragrances retailing at $75 for the small and $95 for the large, he is selling the overall idea and lifestyle of Michael Kors. The nail lacquers are AMAZING! My current personal favorite (also pictured) is the nude nail polish called "Hint". This one, along with five others, is sure to touch base with women of all different age groups, style and profession. Accompany the gold metal plated products are also huge bronzers, 6 lipsticks/lip glosses and 3 different fragrances! My favorite is Sporty Chic which also goes with the nail lacquer that I oh so love! This line is currently exclusive to Macy's so if anyone would like to see it, go check out the amazing displays they have! Enjoy guys! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Collection

So today MAC's Quite Collection premiered and I fell in LOVE!! I purchased two lipsticks, a lip gloss or plushglass and a mineralized blush. I plan to get a nail lacquer or three, lol, and a lip pencil. The lipsticks that I purchased were Saint Germain, which is a pink, amplified lipstick, and Quite Cute, which is a lilac cremesheen lipstick. I also bought the plushglass boy girl which is also a pink color. Here's a swatch of the lip products. The picture isn't doing the lip products justice just because the flash was getting in the way, paired with the artificial lighting since it's kind of latebut hopefully the bigger picture helps.
Next I bought a Mineralized blush called Sakura. It's predominantly purple or lilac with a pink heart in the center. Mineralized blushes feel so smooth that I just love everything about them! Here's a swatch of the blush as well.

Lastly, here's a full picture of what the entire collection pieces thaty I purchased today look like. The colors you're about to see are true with the pigmentation matching and everything!

Like I stated previously, I plan on buying some nail lacquers which are also pastels and maybe a lip liner. I hope you enjoyed my purchases and hope to post soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection!!

I was stoked about the unveiling of the Wonder Woman collection! So I got the Mineralized Skinfinish in Golden Lariat which is BBEEAAUUTTIIFFUULL!! It's a nice bronzer/highlight and is Mineralized... Need I say more?? Next I got two lipsticks; Satin Spitfire which is a nice, creamy purple color. It goes on very smooth, smells nice and is pigmented nicely. I pair it with the lipgloss, that I'll be speaking of soon, and brown liner. The other lipstick is a Lustre called Marquise'd which is like a peachy, glittery nude and also smell's nice and goes on well. And the last thing I got was the huge lipgloss called Athena's Kiss which is a HIGHLY pigmented purple that I pair Satin Spitfire with. I've been wearing these products all week and they last very good and are very pigmented! I'm so glad I got these from the collection! The packaging is to DIE for!! You all should go out and get you a few things as well!!

Clinique is A-MAZ-ING!

     I recently began transitioning from Clean & Clear cleanser and moisturizer for oily skin, to Clinique's 3 step, particularly #3 designed for oily combination skin.
     Initially, I got a sample of their Rinse off Foaming cleanser, which is used to take your makeup off. I fell in love with it immediately, so I proceeded to use the infamous three step. By the way, this foam leaves your face feeling SQUEAKIE clean after the removal of makeup!

     At first, I was apprehensive because I have sensitive, yet oily combination skin which means, I am oily in my t-zone (nose, cheeks, forehead and chin), and "normal" everywhere else. So, I get a sample of their three step and low and behold... not ONLY didn't my skin break out, but it completely cleared my skin! Not one product that I have ever used in my life, on my face, have maintain my faces' pH value and kept my hormones in check! So needless to say, I am now a HUGE fan of Clinique! The only downfall to this is that you MUST...MUST USE ALL THREE STEPS in order to have your desired skin! Which, for someone who suffers from oily skin or breakouts, it's really not that bad if it takes away and/or decreases such a problem.

     Then, after using those products I even opted for the seven day scrub. Now, I'd stopped exfoliating my face (using Ambi) because I'd immediately break out, so I was DEFINITELY against it and was also weary of trying something different, but Clinique didn't let me down, here, either! the seven day scrub is gentle enough to be used daily and also sloughs off the dead skin one builds up on the face on a regular basis. It even leaves your skin feeling moisturized after. This product is highly recommended by me to those who have oily, oily combination, sensitive and acne prone skin. You'll definitely see a difference in your skin!