MAC Wonder Woman Collection!!

I was stoked about the unveiling of the Wonder Woman collection! So I got the Mineralized Skinfinish in Golden Lariat which is BBEEAAUUTTIIFFUULL!! It's a nice bronzer/highlight and is Mineralized... Need I say more?? Next I got two lipsticks; Satin Spitfire which is a nice, creamy purple color. It goes on very smooth, smells nice and is pigmented nicely. I pair it with the lipgloss, that I'll be speaking of soon, and brown liner. The other lipstick is a Lustre called Marquise'd which is like a peachy, glittery nude and also smell's nice and goes on well. And the last thing I got was the huge lipgloss called Athena's Kiss which is a HIGHLY pigmented purple that I pair Satin Spitfire with. I've been wearing these products all week and they last very good and are very pigmented! I'm so glad I got these from the collection! The packaging is to DIE for!! You all should go out and get you a few things as well!!


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